Machine-Tool Metrology Simplified

Versatile MICRO-PRECISION Horizontal Levels determine and assure the metrology of any machine built — either today or tomorrow — regardless of size or weight.

Extra Sensitive Zero-Set Vial Type Level Indicator

These spirit levels are used as precision machinist levels throughout many industries, and can yield readings accurate to within 0.001" (0.0254mm) per foot. No external reference point is needed. Micro-Precision Vial–Micrometer levels are self-contained and self-calibrating. Level to earth gives an automatic natural reference plane, with a high degree of accuracy in any environment regardless of temperature or climate, and no power is required.


Micrometer Head Assembly

The large diameter, high accuracy micrometer head for the Micro-Precision Level is available in Metric or English units of measure. Adjustments as small as 0.0001” (0.003mm) can be made due to the inherent accuracy of the large diameter micrometer heads.

Expandable Level Beam System

These expandable and scaleable box beam segments form the main structural support of the level system. The box beam design provides rigid structural integrity, while the nickel plated construction provides resistance against rust. Fully extended, the beam sections enable the Micro-Precision Level to span up to 14 feet.